Fabien Fourcaud’s new release

OFF SEASON book by the french photographer Fabien Fourcaud. Continue reading Fabien Fourcaud’s new release



Home    Books    Authors    Store A new book is coming! We’re about to release soon a new wonder. A serie by the french photographer Fabien Fourcaud augmented with exclusive plates for this heavy printed version. And of course all the care and the quality will be there. Another beautiful thing to have a … Continue reading Soon…

Crazy printing

ARE YOU CRAZY? YES SIR! Thanks to the professional help of the BEST PRINTER of China, we printed our last book in QUADRITONE! (Black+three shades of grey) in hyperfine definition. An old master of print and experimented technicians cared closely of all the process. Two days of hard work in curves and inks later, the … Continue reading Crazy printing