5 Advices when joining a review

A post about how to have a review session going smoothly, for people intending to face fear of criticism by joining a review event. Do you think you don’t need a review? Think twice. If you’re thinking you can be your own critic, you’re wrong. Whatever the review is about (dummy, serie, portfolio, personal project…), a review correctly done will help you … Continue reading 5 Advices when joining a review

EMBERS on Taobao

EMBERS photobook by Bing Nv available on TAOBAO! Are you living in China and having trouble ordering online? Thanks to the efficient managers of the THREE SHADOWS PHOTOGRAPHY ART CENTRE Bookstores, EMBERS the latest book of Bing Nv is available on Taobao on the Three Shadows Art Shop ! So easy to shop, you can also digg other … Continue reading EMBERS on Taobao