Too early for hanami.

Come and meet us at PhotobookJP, the photobook fair in Yokohama!
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EMBERS, book launch in Beijing!

EVENT ! Meet the photographer Bing Nv, for the launch of her last book : EMBERS. Book launch & signature Saturday 12 November 2016, from 4 to 6 PM Venue : 言YAN BOOKS bookstore 150 meters North-West of Joy City, street in front of Sijixinghe nanjie Phone number : 010-57207109 摄影师病女的新书发布会 时间11月12日,星期六,16:00至18:00。 地点:言YAN BOOKS,书店 地址:朝阳大悦城北门西行150米,润枫水尚8号楼底商05号 … Continue reading EMBERS, book launch in Beijing!