Customer caring at top!

We do care about our customers.

Some photobook lovers have the inconvenience of not having a good bookstore around, or their local bookstore, unfortunately, don’t sell Bromide’s books. Modern technology is here to help, and internet is making your wish come true. A photobook, whatever for you or to offer, is not like any item you can buy online, and we really care about adding the good human side on our online store. No tricks, just acts. We really care about your satisfaction and we are dedicated to make it really good. If you never shopped at us before there’s no chance you know how we push efforts on satisfactory goal. So…

Discover right now all the advantages of ordering on our online store:

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5 Advices when joining a review

A post about how to have a review session going smoothly, for people intending to face fear of criticism by joining a review event. Do you think you don’t need a review? Think twice. If you’re thinking you can be your own critic, you’re wrong. Whatever the review is about (dummy, serie, portfolio, personal project…), a review correctly done will help you … Continue reading 5 Advices when joining a review